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   A memory from the Past !!!
      In good old days of Nepa mills, when wood was used as a raw material, the grinding stone was imported from USA for mechanical pulping. One such stone has been resurrected and displayed in Nepa Nursery Botanical Garden.

NEPA Social

   The Boy who made nepa proud Shri Rajendra Masane graduating from NEPA College participated in Republic Day parade at New Delhi on 26-Jan-2016. He is nephew of Shri Kadu Yadav, NEPA Mill Employee.

NEPA Social NEPA Social NEPA Social

NEPA Social

 OBITUARY : Nepa family grieves the sad and untimely demise of our colleague Shri Bhagwan Ramu Patil on 26-Feb-2016.
We pray for his eternal peace and strength to his near and dear ones in this difficult hour.