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The 60th NEPA DAY was celebrated on 26th April 2016 with great enthusiasm
Nepa Day 26 April

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We Recycle.
An Environment Friendly Paper Mill

News ....
1. Nepa's environment friendly gesture.(30/04/2016)
2. Major Fire Extinguished in ET Plant(22/04/2016)
3. Nepa Nursery Botanical Garden (05/03/2016)
4. MSME 16th IND EXPO Exhibition(10/02/2016)
5. Major burst in pipe line repaired (27/01/2016)
6. CMDs Handing & Taking over (30/11/2015)
7. Farewell to Brig S K Mutreja & welcome to Cmde A N Sonsale (26/11/2015)
8. Bhoomi Poojan for new De-inking Plant (24/09/2015)
9. Swachh Abhiyan (02/10/2014)

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